From drug trafficking to human smuggling and from cybercrime to illegal mining.

The Deep Dive podcast takes an in depth look at transnational organized crime investigations from the Global Initiative, drawing on the range of expertise from the GI Network of over 500 experts.

Episode 1 – Destruction or Theft?

Episode 2 – Insurgency and Illicit trade in Northern Mozambique

Episode 3 – Illegal Logging & Organized Crime in Chihuahua, Mexico

Episode 4 – Transnational Tentacles – Global Hotspots of Balkan Organized Crime

Episode 5 - Extortion in the Northern Triangle

Episode 6 - Under the Shadow: Illicit Economies in Iran

Episode 7 - Child Sexual Abuse Material, COVID and Technology

Episode 8 - The Fall of EncroChat

Episode 9 - Guinea-Bissau Part 1: Civil Society and Illicit Markets

Episode 10 - Cabo Delgado: Africa's Forgotten Insurgency

Episode 11 - Guinea-Bissau Part 2: Pau de Sangue (Blood Timber)

Episode 12 - Fishy Business

Episode 13 - Crossing the Line: India and Myanmar

Episode 14 - Plastics for Profit

Episode 15 - Killing in Silence: The Global Assassination Monitor