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Alastair Nelson

Managing Director, Conservation Synergies

Alastair has more than 25 years’ of experience implementing and leading field-conservation programs in the Horn of Africa, east and southern Africa. This includes designing, establishing and leading protected area support projects and multi-project country programs in Ethiopia and Mozambique, and supporting and/or overseeing similar programs in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Madagascar.

Latterly his work included supporting Governments, NGOs and other partners to build capacity to tackle wildlife crime through targeted investigations into transnational networks, establishing wildlife crime units, developing and strengthening policy, legislation, operational frameworks and strategies, and better understanding the drivers of wildlife crime. He is also involved in an innovative approach to tackling corruption in wildlife crime.

As a Senior Analyst with the GI-TOC, Alastair led a project on convergence between wildlife trafficking and other illicit flows in southern and East Africa, he conducted research into illicit trafficking on the Swahili Coast (Mozambique, Tanzania, the Comoros and Madagascar, amongst others), and he helped to coordinate work in northern Mozambique.

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