UN-TOC Watch seeks to monitor and analyze how the multilateral system is responding to organized crime and how illicit markets impact the United Nations’ key priorities, through analysis, policy research and convening. The programme monitors and engages with the main regional and multilateral policymaking bodies for organized crime and criminal justice, peace and security, and sustainable development. The programme provides in-depth analysis of current UN policy debates on transnational organized crime, assesses and contributes to policy implementation, and brings research, innovative ideas and new voices from the GI-TOC’s global networks into multilateral policy debates.

UN-TOC Watch aims to support the UN and wider multilateral system so that it can respond more systematically to the threats posed by organized crime and help mitigate its impact in the areas such as conflict and violence, the environment, migration and cyberspace.



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The GI-TOC’s engagement at the UN on transnational organized crime has always been a key pillar of our work, and we are committed to contributing substantively to key debates involving organized crime in the multilateral forums, coordinating civil society support and expert engagement. Join our dedicated mailing list that will be used to share updates, event information, analysis and multimedia content.

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