Catalyzing the Building Blocks of a Global Strategy

The Global Initiative is an independent civil-society organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a globally dispersed Secretariat and a high-level advisory board.

Its network members include prominent law-enforcement, governance and development practitioners who are dedicated to seeking new and innovative strategies and responses to organized crime.

The Global Initiative was born from a series of high-level, off the record discussions between mainly (though not exclusively) law-enforcement officials from both developed and developing countries in New York in 2011–12. At these meetings, the founding members of the Global Initiative, many of whom stand at the front line of the fight against organized crime, illicit trafficking and trade, concluded that the problem and its impacts are not well analyzed; they are not systematically integrated into national plans or strategies; existing multilateral tools are not structured to facilitate a response; and existing forms of cooperation tend to be bilateral, slow and restricted to a limited number of like-minded states.

The result was the creation of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, which provides a platform to promote greater debate and innovative approaches, which serve as the building blocks to an inclusive global strategy against organized crime.

The GI-TOC’s substantive work streams, 2018–2020

The GI-TOC’s work spans across a wide variety of areas. It encompasses all criminal markets – drugs, people, arms, environmental commodities, violence, and so forth – and their impacts.

Debates on organized crime and illicit markets have become increasingly complex, crossing multiple sectors and requiring a wide array of expertise to understand and respond to them. With a Network of more than 500 experts and its global focus, the GI-TOC has a strong comparative advantage and will continue to seek new and innovative strategies to highlight and reduce the impact of organized crime and illicit markets.

The GI-TOC’s strategic objectives, 2018–2020

In the last six years, the Global Initiative has grown into a highly regarded organization with a network of over 500 members.

The focus for the next three years will therefore be on consolidating the growth and impact of the organization and to ensure that it continues to be recognized as a respected, global and cross-disciplinary platform to respond to organized crime.

  • To generate, analyze and publish value-adding information on organized crime by leveraging on a strong network of global partners and organized-crime ‘observatories’.
  • To continue to grow the GI Network of Experts and draw effectively on their access, input and influence.
  • To promote engagements, debate and discussion on effective policy responses to organized crime that cross-cut and cross-fertilize thematic and country expertise.
  • To develop and implement innovative, field-based pilot response programmes.