The GI-TOC Observatory on Violence and Resilience in Haiti (HT-Obs)  will serve as a fundamental forum for research and analysis, civil society empowerment, capacity building and direct support for multilateral actors. These overlapping spheres of work will provide a complementary approach that is critical for national and international efforts, thereby ensuring the sustainability of solutions undertaken to resolve the Haitian crisis.

The Haiti Observatory’s work will follow a three-tiered approach:

The first objective of the Observatory is to produce evidence-based data about the country’s political economy of organized violence through timely, thematic policy reports; mapping of illicit actors and markets; violence and gang monitoring; and the production of original quantitative data. Crucially, the OVRH will offer concrete policy paths and recommendations to reduce violence.

Secondly, in a context as intractable as Haiti’s, the Observatory’s mission is to contribute to building resilience through civil society initiatives, to provide an alternative to criminal governance, and lay the foundations for long-term, sustainable and practicable stabilization.

Finally, the Observatory will serve as a bridge of dialogue and collaboration in order to bring together Haitian stakeholders, and international and multilateral actors.

The Haiti Observatory will lay the foundations for future civil society initiatives in the country, and serve as a model for local and international policy initiatives.



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