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24 Feb


24 Feb 2022
11 AM

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This seminar will be live-streamed; Simultaneous English – Portuguese translation will be offered

Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, remains deep in crisis almost five years after extremist violence began in the region.

Despite the intervention of SADC and Rwandan troops to shore up the Mozambican military, violence has continued to flare in Cabo Delgado districts and, recently, in neighbouring Niassa province. The conflict has triggered an acute humanitarian crisis and many of its underlying drivers: such as extreme income inequality, endemic corruption and widespread organized crime remain unchanged.

  • But what is the relationship between the insurgents and the illicit trafficking routes which have long been a part of northern Mozambique’s economy?
  • Have they been able to leverage illicit flows to fund extremism?
  • What is the knock-on effect of the conflict on regional trafficking flows and extremism in neighbouring countries?
  • How can efforts to rebuild Cabo Delgado counter the corroding effects of organised crime and corruption, and how can this help prevent the region from sliding back into conflict in future?

At this joint event of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) and News24, the research team from the GI-TOC will discuss these questions and present the findings of new research on northern Mozambique’s illicit economies.


Lindy Mtongana, Freelance Journalist and Broadcaster


Hanns Bühler, Regional Representative for Southern Africa, Hanns Seidel Foundation


Alastair Nelson, Senior Fellow, GI-TOC

Julian Rademeyer, East and Southern Africa Director, GI-TOC

Julia Stanyard, Analyst, GI-TOC

Borges Nhamirre, Senior Researcher, Institute for Security Studies

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