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Margarita Gasparinatou

Adjunct Lecturer at the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace and the Hellenic Open University

Dr. Margarita Gasparinatou is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University and the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace. She is also a post-doctoral researcher in the research: “Corruption and state-corporate crime: the example of health sector”, funded by the Institute for Research and Innovation.

She holds a PHD in Criminology, (Law School-University of Athens), an MA in Penal Sciences (Law School-University of Athens) and a Law Degree (Law School-University of Thrace). In recent years (2015-2018), she has worked as a Special legal Advisor to the General Secretariat Against Corruption (GSAC) (Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights), specialized in anti-corruption and anti-fraud measures and policies.

She has served as a national expert for the implementation of UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) (2017-2018), national expert at the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO) of the Council of Europe (2017-2018), member of the Greek delegation of the Implementation Review Group (IRG) of UNCAC (2016-2018) and member of the Greek delegation at OECD Working Group on Bribery (2016-2018).

She has been a researcher in many European surveys focusing on the criminal justice system and she has published several articles and contributions in the field of criminology and criminal law. Her research focus mainly on corruption, fraud, financial crime, criminal policy and juvenile delinquency.



  • Gasparinatou, M. (2019), “Political Corruption and funding of political parties”, in S. Vidali, N. Koulouris, H. Papaharalampous, (2019), Crimes of the Powerful: Corruption, financial and organized crime, Athens: EAP.


  • Gasparinatou, M. (2018), “Risk”, “Risk Society”, Chaos and Risk”, Groups of Great Risk”, Risk Factors”,“Dangerousness”, contributing five entries in the Dictionary of Criminology, Spinellis, C., Courakis, N., Kranidioti, M. (2018) (eds), Athens: Topos Publications.
  • Gasparinatou, M., (2018) “From dangerousness to the actuarial risk assessment: The challenges of the positivist way of thinking”, Artinopoulou, V., Vidali, S., Georgoulas, S., Themeli, O., Koulouris, N., Papanicolaou G. (eds) (2018). Powers, scientific neutrality and Criminology, 50 Years Howard Becker “Whose Side Are We On?” Contributions to the first conference of the Hellenic Society for the Study of Crime and Social Control. Athens 24-27 May 2016, pp. 211-229.


  • Kranidioti, M., Gasparinatou, M., “The Gluecks”, article at the e-journal “The Art of Crime”.
  • Gasparinatou, M., Stamouli, E., Vidali, S., (2016) “Extortion in Greece, in Prof. A. Nonchev, Dr. O. Shentov & B. Todorov (eds.), Extortion, Racketeering in the E.U: Vulnerability Factors, Center for the Study of Democracy CSD, Sofia, (available in


  • Editing to honorary volume for Professor Dr. Nestor Courakis entitled “Crime and criminal repression in time of crisis. Essays in honor of profession Dr. Nestor Courakis”, Athens, Ed. Ant.N.Sakkoulas, 2015 (available in and
  • Gasparinatou, M., (2015), “Policing the minors in times of crisis: Aspects of a qualitative research” article in the honorary volume for Professor Dr. Nestor Courakis, Crime and criminal repression in time of crisis. Essays in honor of profession dr. Nestor Courakis, Athens, Ed. Ant.N.Sakkoulas, pp. 2044-2068 (available in


  • Participation in the Research conducted with the collaboration of professor N. Courakis amongst Greek Universities’ students, entitled “Beliefs for the causes of corruption in Greece”. Recording Research results and drafting Research conclusions (available in http//


  • Contributor and co-author of the book “Criminal Justice System Personnel. Education and Training. What about Fundamental Rights?”, FREE Project (Fundamental Rights Education in Europe) funded by the European Commission Programme “Fundamental Rights and Citizenship”- DG Justice, Freedom and Security.


  • Vidali, S.-Koulouris, N.-Gasparinatou, M.-Konstantinou, A. (2011), “Intercultural dialogue, Human Rights and Prison System”, intercultural training program for officers of the prison system and probation officers, Athens: ERGON KEK- INTEGRATION KEK-Association for the study of human sciences.


  • Gasparinatou, M., (2006), “Criminal Policy in risk society”, article in law magazine ΠΟΙΝΙΚΟΣ ΛΟΓΟΣ (Penal Discourse), v.4/2006, pp. 1535-1552.
  • Editing of the Book: Courakis, N. (2006), Penal Repression, 4th ed, Athens A.N. Sakkoulas editions.
  • Gasparinatou, M., (2006), Publication of the master thesis «Criminal Policy in Risk Society» at the «Criminology Research Laboratory» e-site of the University of Athens (available in

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