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Lindsey Kennedy

Director, TePonui Media

Lindsey Kennedy is an investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and the director of TePonui, an independent research consultancy. She studied at the universities of Cambridge and Glasgow and set up TePonui in 2011, managing on-the-ground investigations on issues related to human rights, transnational trafficking, modern slavery, land rights, and environmental crime throughout Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. She has written and presented extensively on links between human trafficking and cyber slavery, on the relationship between China’s Belt and Road initiative and transnational organised crime, and the role of Southeast Asian casinos in money laundering, human trafficking, and the illegal wildlife trade. She has co-authored and consulted on reports for GI-TOC and the Brookings Institution, briefed government, diplomatic and civil society actors on the modern slavery/online scam threat in Southeast Asia, and been interviewed as a trafficking specialist on NPR, PBS, and the Underworld Podcast. Her journalism work has featured in Foreign Policy, The Diplomat, Al Jazeera, South China Morning Post, Quartz, HuffPost UK, The Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald.



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