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Magdalena Lembovska

Researcher, EUROTHINK - Center for European Strategies

Ms. Magdalena Lembovska works as Researcher and Project Coordinator for projects related to security sector governance and reform and Europeanization. Prior to joining EUROTHINK in 2019, Ms. Lembovska was part of the Foreign and Security Policy Programme at Analytica Think Tank (2012-2018), where she was responsible for programme management, project management and research in the field of security sector reform, good governance, criminal justice reform, anti-corruption, intelligence governance, irregular migration and protection of human rights and freedoms.

For three years, she was the main researcher for Macedonia within POINTPULSE, the most comprehensive civil society initiative against police corruption in the Western Balkans. Apart from that, she has provided expertise for many national and international projects led by CSOs and international organisations, funded by EU institutions and agencies, DCAF, GIZ, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Open Society Foundation etc. At the moment, she is exploring the nexus between politics and organized crime and the tools for (de)capturing the Western Balkans states. Ms. Lembovska has authored and co-authored dozens of policy reports, handbooks, policy briefs and articles in the above-mentioned topics.

Magdalena Lembovska holds MSc in Global Crime, Justice and Security from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Lembovska, M.: More than (de)politicization: the role of security-intelligence services in state (de)capture, EUROTHINK, Skopje, 2019
  • Lembovska, M.: How to Professionalize the Security Services?, EUROTHINK, Skopje, 2019
  • Fuior, T. et al.: Guidelines for Intelligence Oversight for parliamentary committees in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, DCAF and Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Geneva and Skopje, 2018
  • Bogdanovski, A. and Lembovska, M.: Communications Interception Oversight in Macedonia – Making the Impossible Possible, Analytica Think Tank, Skopje, 2015
  • Lembovska, M.: Comparative analysis of regional practices for parliamentary financial oversight of intelligence services, Analytica Think Tank, Skopje 2013
  • Lembovska, M.: Dealing with irregular migration: analysis of the usage of IPA funds, IPA 2 CSO, Skopje, 2018
  • Lembovska, M.: Police cooperation in the field of illegal migration and human smuggling, DCAF, Geneva, 2014
  • Lembovska, M.:Analysis of the national policies and practices for dealing with illegal migration and asylum seekers, Analytica think tank, Skopje, 2013
  • Lembovska, M.: A series of policy briefs on police integrity, Analytica Think Tank, 2018
  • Lembovska, M. and Stojkovski, F.:Assessment of Police Integrity in Macedonia, Analytica Think Tank, Skopje, 2016
  • Lembovska, M.: Progress in the Europeanisation of the Security Sector – the case of Macedonia, in “Progress in the Europeanisation of the security sector in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia”, Kosovar Center for Security Studies and Friedrich Ebert Stifung, Pristina 2013
  • Bogdanovski, A. and Lembovska, M.: Towards 2nd generation of Security Sector Reform in Macedonia, Analytica think tank, Skopje 2012

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