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Yulia Krylova

Researcher, George Mason University

Yulia Krylova has a PhD in Political Science from George Mason University and a PhD degree in Economics from Saint Petersburg State University. Her areas of expertise include transnational organized crime and corruption. She is the author of Corruption and the Russian Economy (Routledge, 2018). Her works were published in such journals as the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Global Policy, the Economic Analysis of Law Review, the International Social Science Review, East European Politics, the Journal of Eurasian Studies, and Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.



World Bank Research Paper

  • Meunier, F., Krylova, Y., and R. Ramalho (2017). Women’s Entrepreneurship: How to Measure the Gap between New Female and Male Entrepreneurs? Washington, D.C.: The World Bank.

Conference Reports

  • Money Laundering in Real Estate (2018). George Mason University: TraCCC.
    The Illicit Business Behind the Opioid Epidemic (2017). George Mason University: TraCCC.

Journal articles

  • Krylova, Y. (2018). Administrative Corruption and its Effects on Russian Entrepreneurs: A Regional Aspect, The Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 30 (2): 121-137.
  • Krylova, Y. (2018). The Role of Entrepreneurial Organizations in Organizing Collective Action Against Administrative Corruption: Evidence from Russia, Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, 26(1): 87-103.
  • Krylova, Y. (2018). Outsourcing the Fight against Corruption: Lessons from the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, Global Policy, 9(1): 95-101.
  • Krylova, Y. (2017). Lock-in Effect in the Russian-Libyan Economic Relations in the Post-Arab Spring Period, The Journal of North African Studies, 22 (2): 1-17.
  • Krylova, Y. (2016). Corruption and Gender Inequality: The Case of Nicaragua. International Journal of Ethics, 12(3), 273–289.
  • Krylova, Y. (2016). “Anti-Corruption Regulation: The Case of Nicaragua,” Economic Analysis of Law Review, 7(1): 36-52.
  • Krylova, Y. (2011). “The Nature of Corruption and the Multilateral Anti-Corruption Regulation System in the Transition Economy of Russia,” European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 65, Issue 1, pp. 79-92.

Chapters in edited volumes

  • Krylova, Y. (2018). “The Rise and Challenges of Darknet Markets in the Digital Age: Building Trust and Reputation” M. A. Brown (Sr.) and L. N. Hersey (eds.) in Returning to Interpersonal Dialogue and Understanding Human Communication in the Digital Age (pp. 1-24). Hersey, PA: Information Science Reference.
  • Krylova, Y. (2018). “Voices and Experiences of Libyans in the Post-Arab Spring Period,” G. Grignon (ed.) in Arabs: Their Voices and Lived Experiences (pp. 77-98). New York.
  • Krylova, Y., V. Tsertsvadze, & L. Khurtsia (2017). “Student Plagiarism in Georgia’s Higher Education,” B. Stabile and N. Ghonghadze (eds.) in Ongoing Issues in Georgian Policy and Public Administration (pp. 79-92). Washington, D.C.: Westpalia Press
  • Krylova, Y. (2017). United Nations’ Experimental Approaches to Fighting Corruption in Weak and Failed States: The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala. In Laurence Peters (ed.) The United Nations Association of the National Capital Area Book, pp. 18-24. Washington, DC: The United Nations Association of the National Capital Area.
  • Krylova, Y. (2016). “Corruption and Gender Inequality: The Case of Nicaragua,” B. Davis (ed.) in Corruption: Political, Economic and Social Issues (pp. 131-148). New York.

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