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William Oelofse

Director, ALN Kenya | Anjarwalla & Khanna

Willie is a Director at ALN Kenya, Anjarwalla & Khanna (A&K) and heads the law firm’s Forensics, Risk and Compliance practice. He has over 25 years’ practical experience in forensic assignments covering various jurisdictions and industries and has successfully advised organisations in addressing complex matters on the risk of fraud, corruption and non-compliance in both private and public sectors.

Willie commenced his career as a law-enforcement officer in the service of the South African Police Service. As a former Detective Captain of the SAPS, he specialised in the investigation drug-related organised crime cases. Willie also received a Special Award from the Commissioner of the SAPS in 1997 for his handling of a narcotics-related investigation. Whilst dealing with organised crime, Willie had extensive dealings with intelligence agencies and intrinsically gained valuable experience and knowledge with the dealing of intelligence and how to apply it, i.e. not only to guide the investigations but also the conversion thereof into evidence.

In 1998, Willie joined one of the Gambling and Betting Board regulators in South Africa where he was involved in the licensing process of the casino industry, particularly, the investigative due diligence work performed on the bidding casino groups. In 2000, Willie joined a big 4 forensic accounting firm where he gained experience in more complex financial investigations. Over the next 18 years he developed, train and led forensic team across Africa and in Europe performing forensic, risk and compliance projects for both private and public organisations.

One of Willie’s passions is assisting organisations to implement financial crime strategies, policies and procedures that comply with required local and global regulations. He has a simple pragmatic approach of focusing on the facts, will hit the ground running and is known for his capability to effectively manage large and complex forensic assignments. He provides insight and advice during difficult and high pressure forensic incidents and brings global, local and cultural experience from working with leading global teams.

Willie’s areas of expertise are Investigations, Financial and Economic Crime, Fraud risk management, Whistleblowing, Cybercrime, Drug trafficking, Illicit trade & counterfeits.

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