As multilateralism itself comes under intense pressure, and as existing responses to transnational organized crime continue to fail, we’ll analyse the UN responses to the issue with some of the world’s leading experts as we try to unpack diplomatic discussions, policy developments and programme implementation.

1st series: Road to Kyoto (2020-2021)

2nd series: UN and Organized Crime (2022 – ongoing)

Episode 2 - Cybercrime P2: The road to a new UN convention

Episode 1 - The road to a new UN convention

Episode 11 - Beyond Kyoto

Episode 10 – Kyoto: Virtual reflections

Episode 9 – GI Network Members Messages to the Crime Congress

Episode 8 – UNTOC: The Conference of Parties

Episode 7 - Voices of Resilience

Episode 6 - Considering Criminal Justice Governance at the UN

Episode 5 - Penal Reform International

Episode 4 - The UN and Cybercrime

Episode 3 - The Alliance and Civil Society

Episode 2 - International Drug Policy Consortium

Episode 1 - UN Crime Congress