The Coronavirus is having a profound effect on the established structures of our globe. International travel has been suspended, borders have been closed, entire countries are in lockdown to prevent further spread, and health systems are being stretched to their limits.

For the next 12 weeks, this special edition weekly podcast will look at how the ongoing Coronavirus is impacting organized crime around the world – and how the illicit economy may affect our ability to respond to the virus.

Episode 1 – A Pandemic and Organized Crime

Episode 2 – Dark Pharma and COVID-19

Episode 3 – COVID and Cybercrime

Episode 4 – Human Trafficking and Coronavirus

Episode 5 – Human Smuggling and COVID-19

Episode 6 – Cocaine Trafficking and COVID – Colombia, Central America & Mexico

Episode 7 – Cocaine Trafficking and COVID – South America, West Africa & Europe

Episode 8 – Heroin’s journey during COVID

Episode 9 – Illegal Wildlife Trade: Responsible for COVID?

Episode 10 – COVID and Corruption pt.1

Episode 11 – COVID and Corruption pt.2

Episode 12 – The COVID Roundtable

Bonus Episode – Sarah Chayes on Corruption

Episode 14 – COVID, Brazil & Organized Crime

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Jack Meegan-Vickers

Jack Meegan-Vickers joined the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime in March 2020 as the Multimedia Communications Manager.
Jack is building the multimedia content for the GI including the Global Initiative podcast network.
Prior to this role, he worked for almost a decade as a Producer and Broadcast Journalist for the BBC on radio, podcasts, television and digital content. His most recent work focused around technology and science for BBC World, BBC Radio 4 and the World Service.
Jack holds a BA Hons degree in Ancient History from the University of Liverpool in the UK.

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