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Dr Dalia Ghanem

Resident Scholar, Carnegie Middle East Center

Dr. Dalia Ghanem is a resident scholar at the Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, where her work examines political and extremist violence, radicalization, Islamism, smuggling, borders, jihadism, gender with an emphasis on Algeria.

Ghanem is the author of numerous publications, including most recently: Above the State: The General’s Republic in Algeria (Texas National Security Review, May 5, 2021); Algeria’s Achilles’ Heel? Resource Regionalism in Ouargla, (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, March 24, 2021); “The last emir?: AQIM’s decline in the Sahel” (Middle East Institute, December 7, 2020) ; The Smuggler Wore a Veil: Women in Algeria’s Illicit Border Trade” ( Carnegie, September 14, 2020); and “Algeria’s Borderlands: A Country Unto Themselves” (Carnegie, May 27, 2020).