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Eric Dante Gutierrez

Researcher, Erasmus University Rotterdam International Institute of Social Studies

Eric Gutierrez has worked as policy and research adviser for international NGOs for the last 20 years, and had been based in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and South Africa. In 2010, he joined Christian Aid’s policy team in the UK.

A Philippine national, he did field work and authored books on the conflict, peace process, and criminal enterprise in the Muslim-majority areas of southern Philippines. He is part of the SOAS-led research project, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, to find answers to the question “How do war economies transform into peace economies?” He authored Christian Aid’s “Drugs and Illicit Practices: Assessing their Impact on Development and Governance”, published in 2015.

  • Gutierrez, E D (Feb. 2020) “The paradox of illicit economies: survival, resilience, and the limits of development and drug policy orthodoxy” in Globalizations, 17: 6, pp. 1008-1026.
  • Mortensen, T and Gutierrez E. 2019. “Mitigating Crime and Violence in Coca-growing Areas, in Journal of Illicit Economies and Development, 1(1), pp.63-71.
  • Gutierrez, E. 2018. Illicit Economies, Shadowy Realms, and Survival at the Margins. In: Green, D (ed.), From Poverty to Power. May 16, 2018. Available at:

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