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Ian Neill

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Ian Neill is an expert on Border Systems and has been at the forefront of the development of international passenger data standards. Ian has over 35 years in border management having delivered Border systems for the UK and advised other governments on the development of their systems. A career with an equal focus on operations and enforcement with a number of overseas postings has given Ian wide exposure to criminality and the causes of crime.

Ian has worked widely with industry having chaired the International Air Transport Association’s Passenger Facilitation Working Group. Together with Australia, Canada, the USA, IATA, and the airline industry he delivered the new passenger data message standard PNRGOV as a free to use product for governments and carriers. Ian was the UK’s representative on the Frontex research and development board and has contributed to work on analysis of passenger data and Automated Border Controls.

He has worked as an advisor to The International Civil Aviation Organisation’s facilitation panel and is a regular contributor to work on travel documents. As part of the World Customs Organisation’s Contact Committee he has played role in ensuring clear guidelines on the implementation and use of both Interactive and standard advance passenger information have been agreed between IATA, ICAO, WCO industry and governments. Ian continues to speak and moderate at international events on data and border security and has provided advice to a number of governments since leaving the Home Office in 2014.

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