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Estelle Ewoule Lobe

Eco feminist and human rights activist, APADIME

Estelle Ewoule Lobe is the co-founder and General Secretary of the Action for Protection of Internally Displaced Persons and Environmental Migrant in Africa (ZAP or APADIME in French). She is involved in Cameroonian civil society, where she fights environmental crime (specifically illegal logging and the trafficking of protected species in the Congo Basin), corruption and human trafficking. Estelle also focuses on the protection of human rights of local communities and indigenous peoples; environmental preservation, particularly educating local communities about sustainable land use and combatting climate change; as well as the prevention of illegal immigration.

She is currently conducting research into the impact of environmental crime on the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples in the forests of Cameroon, mainly in the Yabassi forests of the Littoral region and the Dja et Lobo wildlife reserve. They form part of the TRIDOM zone of Cameroon, Congo and Gabon, which is recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 1982 and a hotspot for environmental crime.

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