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Charles Togarepi Goredema

Consultant and Director, Informed Solutions to Economic Crime in Africa (ISECA)

Charles Togarepi Goredema is the founding Director of Informed Solutions to Economic Crime in Africa, a consultancy which collects, collates and analyses information relevant to mitigating the incidence and impact of cross border economic crime in Africa. He led a team which conducted research into, and provided capacity support to combat organised crime in Africa while he was with the Institute for Security Studies. His work then covered southern Africa, but has since extended beyond the sub-region to track the major routes and trends of illicit asset transfers affecting African economies.

His recent research has focused on the implications of globalisation for trends of cross-border economic crime, and on the intersections between urbanisation and criminal governance. His work touches on the impact of trans-national crime on effective public resource mobilisation through taxation. Charles has assisted international institutions such as the African Development Bank, the African Legal Support Facility and the Intergovernmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA) to develop (or monitor the implementation of) strategic plans targeting illicit financial flows.

Charles is a lawyer by profession, holding qualifications from the University of Zimbabwe and the University of London.

Recent publications
  • (2013) Chapter on Mozambique in C Kavanagh (editor) Getting Smart & Scaling Up: Responding to the Impact of organised crime on governance in developing countries
  • (2014) With K Goga: Crime networks and governance in Cape Town: the Quest for Enlightened Responses ISS Paper 262
  • (2014) With K Goga: Cape Town’s protection rackets: A study of violence and control ISS Paper 259
  • (2014) Commerce illicite de la drogue a Dakar: Dimensions et intersections avec la gouvernance ISS Rapport No. 260 (2014)
  • (2014) Mapping crime networks in Southern Africa: a new approach ISS Policy Brief number 58
  • (2015) Understanding Money Laundering & Illicit Financial Flows in Africa (Juta Law) 161 pp.
  • (2016) Curbing illicit financial flows in sub-Saharan Africa: New approaches and strategic entry points for anti-corruption efforts – a chapter in Martin B & Koen R Law & Justice at the Turn of the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of Lovell D Fernandez (University of the Western Cape)
  • (2016) With A Awazi & A Muhima, Background on Trafficking of Gold & Coltan in the DRC: Research Paper number 3 (2017)
  • (2017) Curbing illicit transfers attributable to services and intellectual property rights Strathmore Law Journal

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