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Stefan Feller

Senior Adviser to the German Federal Foreign Office on aspects of Small Arms and Light Weapons Roadmap Implementation

Stefan Feller is Senior Adviser to the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) on aspects of Small Arms and Light Weapons Roadmap Implementation. As such, he advises the GFFO on aspects related to the Western Balkans, East Europe, West Africa, and the Caribbean. In supporting further capacity building in the fight against TOC in partner jurisdictions, he continuously seeks coherence of related aspects with the work of the Global Initiative.

From 2013-17, he was appointed by Ban-Ki moon as a Police Advisor to the United Nations Department of Peace Operations (DPO) United Nations. In this capacity, Stefan Feller critically raised awareness on the increasing threat posed by all forms of transnational organised crime, violent extremism and terrorism, the importance of maintaining peace and security and upholding the rule of law, and underpinning democratic principles and values.

In seeking partners for the United Nation’s work establishing norms for international policing, he supported the work of the Global Initiative as an important contribution to the fight against transnational organised crime. He continued to do so upon return from his work for the United Nations.

He also works as Associated Fellow for the Peace Division of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR.

Until his retirement in 2020, Mr. Feller accomplished more than 43 years of professional experience in national and international policing, in particular strategic planning, operations and policy development.  He served in the State Police of North-Rhine Westphalia for more than 21 years, where he rose to the rank of Director of Operations.

Since 2000, Mr. Feller has pursued an international career in peacekeeping.  Among other roles, he was the Police Commissioner in the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, the Head of the Police Unit in the Council of the European Union, and from 2008 to 2012, the Head of the European Union Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His international work culminated in his function as UN Police Adviser.

Mr. Feller studied at the College of Public Administration of North-Rhine Westphalia and completed a senior degree in public administration at the German Federal Police Academy. He is currently based in Belgrade, Serbia.


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