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Rolando Ochoa

Lecturer, Macquarie University

Dr. Rolando Ochoa holds a PhD in Sociology and an MPhil in Latin American Studies, both from the University of Oxford, UK. He has carried out research on the history and political economy of kidnapping in Mexico, as well as the impact of organized crime on fragile states. He has also focused on how how individuals solve issues of trust and reputation in contexts of weak rule of law and inside criminal organizations.



  • Ochoa, R. Intimate Crimes: Gangs, Kidnapping and Trust in Mexico City. (Forthcoming, under contract). Oxford University Press.

Peer Reviewed

Book Chapters

  • Ochoa, Rolando, 2016, “Local Dyamics of a Global Phenomenon : Policing Organised Crime” in Bradford, B., Jauregui, B. Loader, I., and Steinberg, J. (Eds.) Sage Handbook on Global Policing, Sage.
  • Ochoa, Rolando, 2016. “Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector”, in Farzamand, A. (Ed), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Springer.
  • Miraglia, Paula. and Rolando Ochoa. 2013, “Ma sécurite, c’est un droit.” In Sécurité: vraies questions et faux débats, Edited by Roger Vicot, France, Editions L’Harmattan.

Other Publications (Policy)

  • Ochoa, Rolando. 2017. Santa Muerte Will not Save us: Improving our understanding of Mexican Organised Crime. The Strategist, ASPI.
  • Ochoa, Rolando. 2015. (Forthcoming)“Homicidios, Violencia y Derechos Humanos: Un indicador para evaluar las fortalezas y debilidades del estado de derecho Mexicano” [Homicide, violence and human rights: an indicator to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the rule of law in Mexico], México Evalúa. Mexico.
  • Ochoa, Rolando, and Paula Miraglia. 2013. “Evidence-based Crime Prevention Policymaking.” Department for international Development (CCRV), UK and ICPC, Canada.
  • Ochoa, Rolando, Chief Editor. 2012. International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety 2012. Canada. ICPC.

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