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André Almeida e Silva

Intelligence Outreach, Airbnb

Andre’s background and expertise lie in the area of Law Enforcement, uniquely positioning him as a significant contributor. His current role at Airbnb, leading engagement efforts with Law Enforcement agencies, Intel agencies and International Police Organizations, showcases his ability to foster crucial partnerships and collaborations, proving how private and public can cooperate in the fight against organized crime.

In the past, Andre worked for Interpol as a senior police officer in Portugal, an experience which provided him with valuable insights into combating organized crime. Additionally, his recognition with the Spanish Police Merit Award in 2021 underscores his unwavering commitment to fighting human trafficking and smuggling of migrants organized groups.

His recent involvement with the GI-TOC Network for the 2023 Organized Crime Index further highlights his passion for global security issues. As such, his wealth of experience, leadership acumen, and achievements allow him to present a valuable perspective related to organized crime and international security.

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