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Catalina Gil Pinzón

Independent consultant - Drug policy and Peacebuilding

Catalina Gil Pinzón is an international consultant in peacebuilding and drug policy. She has over 10 years of experience managing projects and advising programs related with reintegration of ex-combatants, youth violence, historical memory, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and drug policy.

Catalina has fulfilled technical and advisory roles within the Colombian government (e.g. Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization), multilateral organizations (e.g. International Organization for Migrations) and international and national civil society organizations (e.g. Open Society Foundations).

She holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies (specialization in conflict studies) from Erasmus University Rotterdam, International Institute of Social Studies. Catalina also writes a blog in an non-partisan and recognized media outlet in Colombia about the link between creative approaches and peacebuilding and the need of new approaches and narratives in drug policy.

  • Catalina Gil Pinzón & Luz Piedad Caicedo. “Políticas y programas de drogas con base en la realidad y la agencia de las mujeres que cultivan coca y amapola” (2019). Published by Corporación Humanas: publicacion–Politicas-y-programas-de-drogas-con-base-en-la-realidad-y-la-agencia-de-las- mujeres-que-cultivan-coca-y-amapola.html
  • Catalina Gil Pinzón, Sarah David, Elisa Lorenz & Antonia Schmidt. “Raising Voices: empowering female farmers in drug crop cultivation areas” (2019). Published by GIZ and Open Society Foundations:

Book chapter

  • Music and Peacebuilding: African and Latin American Experiences Book (2020), Lexington Books: “Resistance and violence prevention through music: the case of at-risk youth in Colombia”.


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