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Alvaro José Pretel

Álvaro is a professor and researcher from Universidad del Valle. He have worked on urban projects and designed strategies to reduce crime in Cali, Colombia.

Alvaro served as Director of the Municipal Security Observatory where he carried out statistical evaluations of murders and designed policies that contributed significantly to the homicide rate reduction, going from 52 to 43 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in less than a year. Likewise, with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Alvaro led the design of the Cali’s Public Security Policy, which include long-term actions and an investment plan to reduce crime in the city. This is a remarkable goal because Cali is in the top 40 of cities with higher homicide rate in the world.

Additionally Alvaro led the Cali’s Green Corridor, a project who incorporates a 17 km progressive concept of high-quality public space and a 65 km commuter train. This project benefited 300.000 thousand people, mostly from impoverished neighborhoods, it created recreation spaces for families and built bike routes.

His interest includes security, urban planning, housing, transportation and fundraising. Álvaro holds a BA in Economist from Universidad ICESI and a MSc in Economist from Universidad EAFIT.

  • Urban violence in the post-conflict period: A geo-temporal analysis for Cali. 2019
  • Public Policy of Security of Cali. Secretariat of Security. 2019
  • Value capture and Buildability in BRT Transportation Systems: Experience of Cali, 2004-2016”. 2017
  • Study for the value capture potential of the Green Corridor of Cali. 2016
  • Analysis of the persistence of homicides in Cali during the New Century. 2014

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