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Godfrey Chilabi

Assistant Public Relations Officer, Zambia Police Service

Mr. Godfrey Chilabi is the Assistant Public Relations Officer for the Zambia Police Service. In addition to various in-service training courses, he is a holder of Bachelors of Education Degree and a Diploma in Social Sciences from the University of Zambia.

He has over 22 years of experience in police work. Having served in different positions such as Senior Community Safety and Security Officer, Crime Prevention and Analysis Officer, Victim Support Officer and now Public Relations Officer.

He has some vast experience in the following fields; Police Administration and Reforms, Crime Prevention and Investigations, community oriented policing and Training. A qualified Zambia Police trainer of trainers,  he is specialized in training of law enforcement officers in investigating cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence, counter trafficking and smuggling of persons, mixed migration and protection of persons of concern and Crime Prevention Strategies. 

Being a technical working group member on Mixed Migration, he participated in the compilation of Training manuals and Participants’ Handbook on the Protection assistance for Vulnerable Migrants in Zambia sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)-Zambia.