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Delia Magherescu

Lawyer, Gorj Bar Association

Delia is Doctor in law specializing in criminal procedure law, the scientific title awarded at the State University of Moldova. She is also a lawyer at the Gorj Bar Association in Romania.

After a 20-year period of research activities in the field of preventing and combating criminal organizations and their illegal activities, she proves a high-level professional experience which allows her to be appointed as an expert in the field of organized crime, criminal justice and criminal investigation of serious crimes with particular attention on the area of Southeast Europe. Her research areas of interest lead to the field of organized crime and criminal organizations, justice in criminal matters and related topics, criminal investigation of serious crimes.

Since 2000 she has been involved in scientific activities in the field of criminology and criminal justice at universities abroad, in Italy, Germany, Austria and Belgium. Her main results gathered during the research projects conducted on the above-stated topics have been published in books and journals of law and presented at national and international conferences.

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