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Sheldon Jordan

Director General, Wildlife Enforcement for Environment and Climate Change Canada

Sheldon Jordan has over 25 years’ experience as a practitioner in combatting international crime ranging from narcotics and alcohol to endangered species and habitat destruction. He is currently Director General of Wildlife Enforcement for Environment and Climate Change Canada. He is immediate Past Chair of INTERPOL’s Wildlife Crimes Working Group and holds executive positions in the North American and Canadian wildlife enforcement networks. ‎His background is in criminal intelligence which he practiced for 10 years before moving into leadership positions first with Canada Customs and then Environment Canada’s Enforcement Branch.

He holds an undergraduate degree with specialization in human geography from Université Laval in Québec and ‎has competed graduate-level courses and executive courses from several Canadian and U.S. universities.‎ Sheldon is a frequent media guest on wildlife crime issues, public speaker and is currently working to foster better linkages between academics and environmental law enforcement practitioners to improve results.

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