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Nicholas Gilmour

Charles Sturt University – Australia

Dr Nicholas Gilmour is a former police officer and international policing expert. Nicholas has worked as an advisor to the UK and Abu Dhabi Governments in relation to cross border criminal investigations, extradition, money laundering and organised crime. Nicholas has experience as an analyst – through to manager of analytical services within a national intelligence centre as well as experience in developing national implementation programmes and strategies to improve national and local police force planning and resilience across a number of key areas.

As part of his work with the UK Home Office, Nicholas was identified as an SME on extradition and cross border liaison. His work and research provided sufficient evidence to support the authoring of several key practice documents and a book chapter on International Liaison Officers. In support of practical experiences, Nicholas has a Doctorate in Criminal Justice. His research focused on the prevention of money laundering through the adoption of situational crime prevention theory. Two key money laundering practices were identified and studied: money laundering through cash intensive businesses and money laundering through the purchasing of high value portable commodities.

Following his work alongside and then within the New Zealand Financial Intelligence Unit where he authored and completed internal reports and policy on the prevention of money laundering – Nicholas moved across to the private sector to work as an independent consultant. The work completed in the New Zealand FIU on Phase 2 improvements under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 provided a timely transition for Nicholas to the private sector, enabling first-hand knowledge and understanding support Nicholas’ commitment to improving understanding of organised crime, money laundering and terrorist financing.

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