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May Buchmüller

Senior Compliance Officer, MBaer Bank

May Buchmüller holds a Masters of Science (cum laude) degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam; she obtained her BA at McGill University. She has worked for the Swiss Foreign Department for Foreign Affairs (in Kosovo), the UNDP, and the European Free Trade Agreement. She has done consulting work (in Zurich) on environmental, social, governance, and reputational issues for a number of large MNCs.

She subsequently moved into the Compliance/Anti-Money Laundering sector, having worked for Goldman Sachs, Banco Itaú, Credit Suisse, Société Générale, Deutsche Bank – all based in Zurich. At present she is engaged as a Senior Compliance Officer at MBaer Bank, a fast-growing merchant and private bank located in Switzerland.

She has a particular interest in tax evasion and sanctions. May has lived/studied in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Kosovo, France, Egypt, and the Netherlands. She is bilingual in English and German.

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