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Horacio Pacheco

CEO, Auditoria DC

Mr. Horacio Pacheco is CEO of Auditoria D.C. An Argentine Company founded in 1969. He has 20 years experience in analytical intelligence, business risk management, and professional services applied to prevent the Transnational Organization Crime and Global Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

As a seasoned professional, he is known for helping and supporting clients in order to investigate and prevent national & transnational fraud. Throughout his career, he made strategically advised to managers, directors and presidents of national and multinational companies. He has providing assistance in more than 8,500 cases Horacio is a Multidisciplinary Professional with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences.

Acquiring technical knowledge and skills in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, International Trade, Law, Financial Intelligence, Strategic & Analytical Intelligence, Geopolitics and Digital Business.

  • Senior Partner de Auditoria DC
  • Senior Director ADC-ERMI (Enterprise Risk Management Intelligence)
  • Co Chair de ADC-STRATEGY (Strategic Intelligence & Geopolítics)
  • Lider ADC-Digital (Connecting People, Services and Data Analytics)
  • Ex Cofounder de Luminia SRL (Reg Tech Company)

Currently Horacio is guest member of REAL: Argentine-American Network for Leadership (the security and defense commission), and the National Bioethics Commission of the Argentine Republic. Horacio has a degree Business Administration at Buenos Aires University (UBA), School of Economics (1998). Is graduate in Master of National Defense at Argentine National Defense in Argentine Department of Defense (2017).

Postgraduate in A Global Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing at UBA University, School of Law (2012), first graduating class. Symposium on Bioterrorism and Technological Security at Argentine Federal Police Institute (2005). Postgraduate in International Marketing & Trade at Bank Boston Foundation International Trade Institute (2002). Outside of the office, Horacio enjoys reading & studying about geopolitical, strategy & ciber defens topics, such as passionate advancing entrepreneur.

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  • Las CIBERAMENAZAS y el Crecimiento de las Naciones
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  • Política Pública Imperante en los Albores del Complejo Militar Industrial Estadounidense 1900-1950. ¿Un Cuadrinomio Sistemático?
  • El Crimen Organizado Transnacional, La República y Usted

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