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John Suffolk

SVP Global Cyber Security Officer, Huawei Technologies Ltd

John Suffolk worked in the UK Government for 7 years’ and was Her Majesty’s Government CIO and CISO for 5 years steering £16bn IT budget per annum using 50,000 IT professionals (after outsourcing). He has been credited with driving one of the most dramatic changes across the UK Public Sector, since technology was first installed which brought together central/regional and local government into collegiately delivering a citizen and business transformation agenda across the whole UK Public Sector.

Mr. Suffolk has been a Chief Information Officer times a Customer Services Director; an Operations Director and a Managing Director of a retail financial services organisation accountable for $US 30bn of assets. He has run most business functions including every part of technology, Customer Services, Sales (retail, telephone, internet), marketing, mergers and acquisitions (23 of them), and Directed many projects and programmes of up to $US  5bn in cost.

His collaborative, open and transparent approach with a result driven focus helped him be part of a team that won the best UK Company for customer excellence, his work was a winner of the best retail financial services transformation programme and he has been IT innovator of the year. He was also been voted the most influential CIO by CBS/Silicon in 2010 and he has been ranked in the top 5 of the most influential people in technology behind Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Mr. Suffolk is currently the SVP and Global Cyber Security Officer at Huawei Technologies Ltd where he is working to enhance end-to-end cyber security capability whilst at the same time taking a global role to encourage industry and technology buyers to fundamentally change their approach to security. Mr Suffolk’s view is if the customer doesn’t care about security neither will the technology vendors, his mission is to positively change both views.

He holds a MBA and is the author of many articles and White papers and is a frequent conference speaker.

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