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Mahamoudou Savadogo

Managing Director, GRANADA Consulting

Mahamoudou Savadogo is a security expert and researcher on the issues of violent extremism and radicalization in the Sahel and transnational crime. Since March 2021, he was an expert for the African Centre for Studies and Research on Terrorism (CAERT) of the African Union and was responsible for drafting the course manual for the prevention of violent extremism for all African countries and facilitating various civilian and military executive courses for the prevention of violent extremism (PEV).

Currently, Mahamoudou  is the Managing Director of GRANADA Consulting since November 2021. He was a country representative of Burkina Faso at the Navanti Group, an American firm specialized in conducting research, polls and field surveys. He has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank, performing security risk assessment, conflict analysis and community resilience in the Sahel. Mahamoudou is an instructor at Bioforce Training Center Africa in Dakar, Senegal.



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