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Mark Nuttall

Director, Strategic Solutions, Thomson Reuters

Mark has an extensive counter-crime background with over 20 years of experience as a global risk management, anti-financial crime, and security specialist, with a background in security, law enforcement, geopolitics, international organizations, financial institutions, project management and risk consultancy.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and the Institute of Paralegals, and holds a Master’s degree in International Security. His extensive practitioner and leadership experience spans across the corporate and government sector.

He held an official position in INTERPOL, most relevantly within the ‘Organised and emerging crime directorate’ dealing with organized criminal matters arising from the natural resource sector, and the underlying geopolitical problems associated with this area. He is also a former New Scotland Yard Detective with a history of investigating traditional organized criminal networks and complex international financial crime syndicates, under the English legal system.

He currently serves as Director for Thomson Reuters, catering to the Asia, Oceania, and MENA markets. He provides a solutions gateway for special risk intelligence, counter fraud, and threat exposure analysis services to curated clients from multiple sectors, and Mark utilises his background to tailor the service dependent on the relevant complex problem area.


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