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Juan Carlos Lara

CEO, Point5 Family Office

Juan Carlos Lara is an authority in anti-money laundering and financial corruption.

Juan Carlos is the founder of Point5 Family Office, a consultancy firm and an asset manager for goal setting to the corporate world, the individual, and the NGO ecosystem. Juan Carlos’s focus is to achieve measurable success, usually by nudging a positive behavioral change. Juan Carlos also leads the ESG-LAB think tank, a Swiss-based platform for researching and evaluating Environmental, Social, and Governance -ESG- principles.

Juan Carlos extensive work includes the designing of “micro metrics” to fine-tuning strategies and financial assets performance. His technique considers needed redundancies to increase resilience and to discard vulnerabilities, this unique construct, defines a picture that quantifies positive and negative contributions towards the goal of sustainable development. For his work, Juan Carlos was recognized as the Top 100 People In Finance for 2018.

Juan Carlos worked for Banamex-Citibank in wall street during the 1980s and 1990s; he founded a broker-dealer in Texas; and worked for UBS and HSBC in Switzerland. He has dual citizenship in the USA and Mexico and is a permanent resident in Switzerland. Juan Carlos collaborates constantly as a keynote speaker and a panelist.