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Eldan Mujanović

Associate Professor, Criminal Policy Research Centre/Faculty of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies (University of Sarajevo)

Eldan Mujanović, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His research focus covers areas of policing, international police cooperation, asset recovery, criminal investigation of organized and property crime, as well as strategic framework for combating trafficking in persons, illegal migration, and corruption. He is also one of the founders of prominent non-governmental organisation Criminal Policy Research Centre (CPRC) which gather academics and other individual researchers with aim to enhance and promote public policies in the field of prevention and suppression of all the forms of criminality, and illegal and asocial behaviour through deploying objective and reliable research methodology and working standards.


A) Scientific papers, books and book chapters

  • Mujanović, E. (2006). “The financial investigation of crime-overview”, Kriminalističke teme, Journal of the Faculty of Criminal Justice Science University of Sarajevo, VI.
  • Mujanović, E. (2007).”The financial investigations and confiscation of illegally obtained property”- (Training handbook for law enforcement and prosecution authorities), Council of Europe;
  • Mujanović, E. (2007). “Money laundering as global security threat (situation in BIH)”, Kriminalističke teme, VI (1-2), Journal of the Faculty of Criminal Justice Science University of Sarajevo;
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  • Datzer, D., Deljkić, I. & Mujanović, E. (2014). On Basic Issues in Theoretical Criminalistics, in: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Criminalistics. A Festschrift on the Occasion of Professor Berislav Pavišić`s 70th Birthday, Publisher: Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Editors: Matulović Miomir, Kunštek Eduard, pp.73-87;
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B) Research studies

  • Confiscation of Illegally Obtained Property, in: Divjak, B., et al. (Eds.). Improving the system of national integrity. Proposals for a strategy to combat corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo: Transparency International BiH;
  • Enforcement of Alternative Measures for Juveniles: Legal, Institutional and Practical Issues. Sarajevo: Criminal Policy Research Center;
  • The prosecution of corruption in the courts and prosecutors’ offices in BiH, u: Monitoring of implementation of anticorruption reforms in BiH (second periodic report) Sarajevo: Transparency International BiH;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy for Combating Corruption 2009-2014. (The first periodic report). Sarajevo: Transparency International;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy for Combating Corruption 2009-2014. (The second periodic report). Sarajevo: Transparency International;
  • Confiscation of Illegally Obtained Property from Corruptive Crimes (analysis of legal framework in BiH). Transparency International.
  • The Role Of Covert Investigative Techniques In The Suppression Of Corruptive Crimes In BiH (Between Strategic Objectives And Legal Framework). Transparency International.
  • Analysis Less Corruption More Jobs- How to Improve Procedures, Programs and Projects, and how to Act Preventively on Possible Cases of Corruption. NBR&Link&Plod;
  • Second Multi-City Study on Quantities and Financing of Illicit Drug Consumption (2009-2012), (European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research);
  • The Police Integrity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017, (International Research & Exchanges Board)

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