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Katie A. Paul

Co-director, ATHAR Project

Katie is a co-director of the Antiquities Trafficking and Heritage Anthropology Research (ATHAR) Project Project and a founding member of the Alliance to Counter Crime Online (ACCO). She is an anthropologist and research analyst and serves as an affiliated researcher with The Day After Heritage Protection Initiative (TDA-HPI). Her work focuses on the trafficking and destruction of cultural property and its connections to transnational crime and terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa. Katie focuses on the role of social media and new technologies in monitoring and recording trafficking in nations in crisis. Katie believes it’s not enough that only archaeologists work to protect heritage; rather, the world needs ArchaeoActivists: People working across fields and disciplines to combat the trafficking of antiquities by organized criminal networks.

Previously, Katie served as chief of staff and a research fellow at the Antiquities Coalition, a Washington, DC-based non-profit dedicated to combating cultural racketeering. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University (OH) with a double major in Anthropology and Ancient Greek and earned an M.A. in Anthropology at The George Washington University.



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