Geneva, Switzerland

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) welcomes the establishment of 8 August as the date of the trial of our esteemed colleague, the Senior Analyst Raouf Farrah and his father Sebti. We stand united in demanding justice for Raouf and Sebti.

Raouf was imprisoned on 20 February 2023 along with his 67-year-old father, Sebti Farrah, after being presented in court in the context of the case of Amira Bouraoui, an activist and journalist wanted by the Algerian authorities, who fled to France earlier in the month.

Raouf stands charged with “spreading information and documents that are classified as secret” and the crime of “receiving funds for the purpose of committing acts that would disturb the public peace”. His father is charged with “receiving funds for the purpose of committing acts that would disturb the public peace”.

Since their imprisonment, Algerian authorities granted bail to Sebti on 13 April, a development that was confirmed in a court hearing on 4 May, however, Raouf remains in detention and the latest bail request was denied on 24 July by a court in Constantine.

Now that the investigation is over, there is no risk of any interference with the evidence. Moreover, Raouf does not pose a flight risk in any way. He is an internationally recognised researcher who has no interest in becoming a fugitive. Raouf’s case for bail is compounded by a health condition that he had prior to his arrest concerning his right knee. Raouf was operated in July 2022 and was still undergoing intense rehabilitation therapy at the time of his arrest. He is unable to continue with his rehabilitation and the conditions inside the Boussouf prison facility where he is held have worsened the condition of his knee.

“We are concerned about Raouf’s health and are disappointed that he remains in custody and that the case was not dismissed at the end of the investigation phase, as the presented evidence has yet to establish credible charges. However, we welcome the establishment of a trial date in August as a step towards finding a resolution in the case of Raouf and Sebti,” said GI-TOC Director Mark Shaw. “We are following very closely and are confident that a fair trial which considers the evidence of the case will clear both of their names.”

GI-TOC stands firmly by Raouf’s side, offering our unwavering support during this challenging ordeal. We remain hopeful that the truth will prevail during the trial, and Raouf and his father will have the opportunity to clear their name and prove their innocence. We call upon the Algerian courts to rectify this unjust situation and grant Raouf bail while he awaits trial.

Update : On August 8th, Raouf and Sebti Farrah’s trial date was postponed to the 22nd of August at the request of a co-defendant

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