The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) appeals to the Algerian judicial system to expedite and conclude the criminal case against its senior Analyst Raouf Farrah, 100 days since his imprisonment at the Boussouf detention facility in Constantine, Algeria.

Mr Farrah was imprisoned on 20 February 2023 along with his 67-year-old father, Sebti Farrah, after being presented in court in the context of the Amira Bouraoui case, an Algerian activist and journalist who defied a travel ban and arrived in France at the beginning of the month of February.

Raouf stands charged with “spreading information and documents that are classified as secret” and the crime of “receiving funds for the purpose of committing acts that would disturb the public peace”. His father is charged with “receiving funds for the purpose of committing acts that would disturb the public peace”.

Since their imprisonment, Algerian authorities granted bail to Sebti on 13 April, a development that was confirmed in a court hearing on 4 May. The GI-TOC welcomes this development as it urges the courts to also grant Raouf bail, and to expedite the judicial process and deliver justice in this case.

The GI-TOC is confident that both Raouf and Sebti will be able to clear their names. Raouf is an internationally recognised researcher whose work is distributed transparently in the public domain for public benefit.

“Both within and outside of the Global Initiative, Raouf has built a really strong reputation as someone who is committed to conducting research with great integrity and diligence. His research for the Global Initiative has been invaluable in helping to build global insight into organised crime in North Africa and the Sahel,” said Mark Shaw, Director for the GI-TOC. “His work stands as an example of research intended to contribute to the fight against organised crime, and the alleviation of its harm on individuals, communities, as well as on states.”

The GI-TOC continues to stand behind and support Raouf and Sebti as well as their family. “I look forward to Raouf having his name cleared as soon as possible, so that he may return to his family and his work, and resume his career with us,” Shaw said.

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