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Vanda Felbab-Brown

Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution


Vanda Felbab-Brown is a senior fellow in the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence in the Foreign Policy program at Brookings. She is an expert on international and internal conflicts and nontraditional security threats, including insurgency, organized crime, urban violence and illicit economies. Her fieldwork and research have covered, among others, Afghanistan, South Asia, Burma, Indonesia, the Andean region, Mexico, Morocco, Somalia, and eastern Africa.

Felbab-Brown is the author of “Aspiration and Ambivalence: Strategies and Realities of Counterinsurgency and State-Building in Afghanistan” (Brookings Institution Press, 2012) and “Shooting Up: Counterinsurgency and the War on Drugs” (Brookings Institution Press, 2010) which examines military conflict and illegal economies in Colombia, Peru, Afghanistan, Burma, Northern Ireland, India, and Turkey. She is also the author of numerous policy reports, academic articles, and opinion pieces. A frequent commentator in U.S. and international media, Felbab-Brown regularly provides congressional testimony on these issues.


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  • Felbab-Brown, Vanda (2015). “DDR – A Bridge Not Too Far: A Field Report from Somalia.” In Cockayne, James, and Siobhan O’Neil (eds.), UN DDR in an Era of Violent Extremism: Is It Fit for Purpose?. New York: United Nations University, pp. 104-137.
  • Felbab-Brown, Vanda (2015). “Designing pan-Atlantic and international anti-crime cooperation.” In Hamilton, Daniel S. (ed.), “Dark Networks” in the Atlantic Basin: Emerging Trends and Implications for Human Security. Washington, D.C.: Center for Transatlantic Relations, pp. 121-149.