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Tilly Stroosnijder

Programme Specialist / Gender Investigator, Women, Peace and Security

Policing, the military and passion for nature and sports provided Tilly with a mix of core skills acquired when covering different roles in her professional life. She was hired to drive change and results in the National/International security sector. She is a see-around-the-corner strategic thinker who is known for relationship building across the aisle.

Tilly is an advisor & negotiator in the area of Gender to national and international security services with a wealth of international experience in various UN and EU security and peacekeeping missions around the world including Kosovo, Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Indonesia and Palestine. she is an analytical and result-driven professional who demonstrates cultural, environmental and human sensitivity and deploys a collaborative leadership style to gain trust and to build, empower and support multi-cultural and cross-functional teams.

Tilly has most recently establishing a Police Gender Unit and a Security Sector Gender Committee in the Ministry of Interior – the first in the Arab world – in her role as Police Gender Advisor for the Palestinian Security Sector and Civilian Palestinian Police. she has been responsible for establishing a security sector gender programme, to build capacity and steer the institutionalization process. She managed the same in her former position in the Balkan area. Her implementation methodology is solid and sustainable till this date both host gender units are flourishing and were proven not to be quick fixes.

She is an International pioneer and visionary, who was assigned as the first security sector gender advisor in the United Nations Kosovo Mission 2003, for the implementation of the UN Resolution 1325 (Women Peace and Security). Tilly has opened doors, built bridges and cooperation on International, National and Regional level on Gender Equality, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender & Human Rights and Empowerment of Women in the Security Sector global wide. Participated in a United Nation working group for the establishment of a Domestic Violence Police toolbox.

On National level she cooperated in the development of the Dutch National Gender Action Plan and was the first civilian policewomen working in Mission areas, – first attached under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense,- later under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior, as well she served under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tilly brings a broad experience and industry knowledge with her, she speaks various languages but her mission experience taught her that the universal language opens all doors, speak truly with your heart and soul, that could make the difference!

Furthermore she is a passionate ski-instructor and traveler.

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