GI-TOC Staff Member

Kristina Amerhauser

Senior Analyst, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

Kristina is a senior analyst working on the GI-TOC’s flagship environmental
crime project ECO-SOLVE, where she leads the workstream on corruption.
She also co-leads the organization’s work on illicit financial flows.

Previously, she worked with the GI-TOC’s Observatory of Illicit Economies
in the Asia-Pacific and was responsible for overseeing programming in
South East Asia, as well as civil society, government and multilateral
engagement in the region. Prior to this, she worked on South Eastern
Europe, conducting analysis on issues such as illicit financial flows,
migrant smuggling, and how to strengthen civil society resilience to
organized crime and corruption in the region.

Kristina holds a master’s degree in advanced international studies from
the Vienna School of International Studies, a BSc in international business
from the Vienna University of Business and Economics, and a BA in
development studies from the University of Vienna.

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