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Khalid Tinasti

Executive Secretary, Global Commission on Drug Policy

Khalid Tinasti is the Executive Secretary of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. He also serves as a Visiting Fellow at the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva. Before joining the Global Commission’s Secretariat as a Policy Analyst in 2013, he worked as an independent consultant for UNAIDS, WHO, the Graduate Institute and others.

Prior to that, Khalid worked as a Press and Communications Officer in the office of the Minister of Urban Cohesion in France, and as an Administrative Officer in Gabon.

Khalid holds a PhD in political science from the Institut Catholique de Paris, and conducted his postdoctoral research at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland). He is currently the Vice-Chair of the Program Advisory Panel of the Robert Carr Fund, an Honorary Research Associate at Swansea University, and pledged to be an International Gender Champion to support gender equality in drug policy.

He is the author of scientific papers and policy research reports with a focus on public policies, democracy and the role of elections, and international drug control mechanisms.

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