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Juliana Carlos

PhD Candidate, University of São PauloSociologist, Master In Sociology, Master in Human Righst and Research Methods, PhD Candidate, Working on the Justice field for nearly 10 years. Interests include: criminal justice reform, illicit markets, drug policy, women incarceration and public policy.

Juliana Carlos is a sociologist, PhD Candidate. She holds a Master of Science in Human Rights and Research Methods by the University of Essex (2014) and a Masters of Arts in Sociology by University of São Paulo (2012). Juliana received scholarships from the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Chevening Scholarship, 2013-2014) and Open Society Foundations (Latin American Advocacy Fellowship on Drug Policy Reform, 2014).

She was Research Coordinator at the Brazilian Institute for Criminal Sciences (IBCCRIM) from 2017 to 2018, been responsible to coordinate the research “Livelihoods in the illicit drugs trade in Brazil – a look over São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro”, in partnership with the British organization Health, Poverty, Action (HPA).
Juliana has working experience in criminal justice and human rights research and policy, in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Her research interests are criminal justice reform, over-incarceration, drug policy and female incarceration.

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  • CARLOS, J. de O. (2015). “Agora é que elas são (mais) presas” (Now women get arrested more frequently). Column on female incarceration on “Quebrando o Tabu” page on Facebook.
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