Danica Perisic

Project Assistant, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime

Danica Perišić is a sociologist and family counselor from Belgrade, Serbia. She joined the GI-TOC West Africa Observatory as Project Assistant in May 2022. She has been involved in the NGO sector since she was in high school and has mostly worked and volunteered in organizations that work with and for members of marginalized groups. Her main areas of interest are human rights, especially rights of women and children, gender based violence and human trafficking.
Danica has been a youth mentor to fellows of a foundation that awards scholarships and also has experience in international project management.
Danica is a systemic family psychotherapist under supervision. She started this journey in order to gain knowledge and tools to work with people from conflict zones or that come from a household with a history of violence. Danica speaks Serbian, English, French and Spanish.

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