The first ever 24 hour Conference on Global Organized Crime took place in November 2020 and it was an unprecedented opportunity for interaction on the topics of criminal groups, criminal networks, and organized crime.

Experts, analysts and scholars from around the world came together for the conference, and through this podcast we’re going to bring you some of the most interesting discussions.

Trailer: 24 hr Organized Crime Conference

Prioritising Serious and Organized Environmental Crime

Maritime Environment

Gangsterism in South Africa

Sports & Organized Crime

Recovering Dirty, Secret Money

Migration & Organized Crime

Latin American Drug Crimes

Disrupting Analysing the Illicit Antiquities Trade in the Real and Virtual World

Disrupting Drug & Counterfeit Supply Chains

Transnational Organized Crime & Emerging Technologies

Vietnamese Organized Crime in Czech Republic

Urban Violence and Militarization in Brazil

COVID Impacts on Organized Crime in Vietnam

Criminal Careers of Italian Offenders