The capture of Shorty “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel was big news, and a major victory in the global fight against organized crime. But it hasn’t received universal support, in particular in El Chapo’s home town of Sinaloa.

In this multi-media special feature, including exclusive footage from Sinaloa itself, see El Chapo’s story, and why he remains a local hero.

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As part of the Global Initiative’s efforts to further a global strategy and effective responses to organized crime, one of the issues often encountered is the degree of legitimacy that criminal groups can have within their communities. Sometimes this is due to a ethnic or identity link, or it could be due to the livelihoods generated by illicit trade.

In any case, identifying strategies that break down this legitimacy and provide viable alternative livelihoods will be key to a sustainable and efficacious response.  The Global Initiative has been monitoring and documenting efforts in Latin America to address the drug trafficking and criminal groups, as well as the high levels of crime related violence.