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Wendy Laverick

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing / Director of Professional Policing, University of Hull

Dr Wendy Laverick is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing and Director of Professional Policing at The University of Hull. She has expertise in the area of transnational crime, policing, equality and diversity within policing and vulnerability issues.

She is the author of Global Justice and Crime Control (Routledge, 2016). This text addresses international, (EU) regional and (UK) national policy responses in the areas of atrocity crime, maritime piracy, counter terrorism, and human trafficking.

This was reviewed by Jay S. Albanese (2017) Global Injustice and Crime Policing and Society, Volume 27, 2017 – Issue 6. In 2016. She completed a four volume review Laverick, W (2016) ‘Book Review: Sheptycki, J Transnational Crime’, Policing and Society, and is the co-author of Policing: Development and Contemporary Practice (Sage, 2021); Criminology: A Complete Introduction (Hodder, 2020); Racial and Religious Hate Crime in Britain (Palgrave, July 2019), Reinterpreting the UK Response to Hate Crime (British Journal of Community Justice, 2020), ‘The Menopause and the Older Female Police Workforce’ (British Journal of Community Justice, 2019), ‘Spit Guards’ (Safer Communities, 2018), ‘The Gender Agenda in an Age of Austerity’ (2015).

She is a regular contributing author to the UK College of Policing publication Policing Insight and sits on the NPCC MAG working group. She has conducted evaluations on Safe Places, Hate Crime Third Party Reporting Mechanisms and Serious and Organised Crime.


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