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Vitaly Anatolievich Nomokonov

Professor, Far Eastern Federal University

Vitaly A. Nomokonov is the director of the Vladivostok Centre for the Study of Organised Crime and Corruption which was created in the Far Eastern University in 1997 through a grant of the US Department of Justice and American University. The project was supported by grants until 2014. Currently the Centre is part of the Law School of the Far Eastern Federal University. The Centre plans to create an international laboratory for comparative study of anti-corruption policies in countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Vitaly Nomokonov is a doctor of law and has been working in the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology since 1974. His doctoral dissertation was devoted to the causes of crime, criminal behaviour and its relationship to criminal accountability. Currently, the focus of Vitaly Nomokonov is on problems of the formation and implementation of public policies in the fight against organised crime and corruption.

  • “Criminal behavior: determinism and liability” (Vladivostok, 1989)
  • “The Organized crime of the Far East: overall and regional features” (Vladivostok, 1998, joint author)
  • “The Organized crime – 4” (Moscow, 1998, joint author)
  • “The Organized crime: tendencies and perspectives of struggle” (Vladivostok, 1999, joint author)
  • “The Transnational organized crime: definitions and reality” (Vladivostok, 2001, joint author)
  • “Russia in focus of a criminal globalization” (Vladivostok, 2004, joint author)
  • “Corruption in the World and international strategy for struggle with it” (Vladivostok, 2004, joint author)
  • “Present problems and a strategy of struggle with crime” (St-Petersburg, 2005, joint author)
  • “Problems of struggle with acts of criminal market” (Vladivostok, 2005, joint author)
  • “State policy in the sphere of countermeasure of corruption” (Vladivostok, 2007, joint author)
  • “The problems of forming of anticorruption and counter-criminal policy (Vladivostok, 2009, joint author)
  • “The Transnational organized crime and Russia” (Vladivostok, 2011, joint author, 632 pages)
  • “The Organized crime in the Far East: tendencies and particularities of development during 20 years” (Vladivostok, 2013, joint author, pages 236).

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