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Trpe Stojanovski

Professor, Faculty of Security, St. Kliment Ohridski University - External Associate

Trpe Stojanovski spent 30 years in the police and justice sector as an educator and trainer, and a Senior Law Enforcement Officer.  He was also Assistant to the Minister of Interior, and Assistant to the Minister for EU and International relations in Macedonia. Trpe has been a key figure in the police reform process acting as a National leader of the police reform process in Macedonia (March 2002-July 2007). Prior to this, he was a Senior Counsellor in Department for International Cooperation and European Integration within the Ministry of Interior.

He is also a member of the International Police Association (IPA) with more than 20 consecutive years working in the field of regional police cooperation. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of policing, with experience in the national, regional and international Police Community.

Trpe was a Fulbright Scholar (1998-99) at Temple University in Philadelphia, and a New Century Fulbright Scholarship Fellow (2003) at North-eastern University, Boston, US.  He holds a PhD in Criminal Law and Criminology from the University “Ss Cyril & Methodius” in Skopje.

  • Stojanovski, T. “Analysing the Influence of COVID-19 on Migration in the MARRI Participants”,   2021, MARRI RC (forthcoming)
  • Stojanovski, T. (2016) “Access to the Right to Asylum”, Research paper, Ombudsman’s Office.
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