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Shamini Jayanathan

Criminal Justice Expert

Ms. Jayanathan is a criminal barrister from the UK with over fifteen years experience of prosecuting and defending before juries across England and Wales. In 2012, she moved into the field of legal diplomacy and capacity building on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). For over three years she focused on building legislative, prosecutorial and judicial capacity within the sphere of counterterrorism in Somalia, Somaliland and Kenya. Managing both external and internal stakeholders across three challenging jurisdictions demanded a high level of organization and unerring professionalism.

Now as the Director of Arcturus Consultancy Ltd, based in Nairobi, she has acted as the Global Prosecution Advisor to UNODC, among other roles. Focusing on organized crime, in particular international wildlife and forestry trafficking, with an increasing focus upon other forms of environmental crime, her initiatives in this space are being replicated globally. A passionate advocate for holistic criminal justice reform, she has supported prosecution and judicial authorities in identifying surgical solutions to criminal justice challenges that have impacted the entire criminal justice pathway in countries including, but not limited to, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and Namibia.



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