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Sergio Nazzaro

Journalist, Writer

Sergio writes investigative reports mainly on national and international organized crime, with particular reference to the mafia of African origin. His latest books are: “Castel Volturno reportage on the Mafia African” published by Einaudi and “Nigerian mafia, the first investigation of the anti-trafficking task force” by Città Nuova, among many others.
For the Italian Wired magazine, Sergio realized the exclusive reportage on the last secret NATO bunker in Italy.
In 2013, he was awarded the “Peace Witness – Press section.” prize. He is also an adviser to the Anti-Mafia parliamentary commission as a Camorra expert and foreign mafias expert, with particular relevance to those of African origin.

Since November 2018, Sergio serves as spokesman for the President of the Anti-Mafia parliamentary commission and also as the spokesperson for Italy’s Deputy Minister of the Interior. Since January 2020, he is the voluntary spokesperson for Italy’s Deputy Minister of Health for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.
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